I've been a professional software developer for more than ¼ of a century - since 1983. I started writing programs at school in what was then called the 5th form (1978) and carried on throughout my 'A' Levels. My first degree was in Control Systems and Computer Science from the University of Sheffield (1983) and I did an MSc in Information Technology at the University of Nottingham over three years (1988-1991).

I've programmed in a variety of languages on a variety of operating systems over the years, most recently writing in C# and Silverlight on Windows. To keep my options open I've decided to keep my eyes open for work I can do in my (albeit little) spare time. This can be anything from desktop applications to small websites.

I've posted some small desktop applications I've written for my own benefit to my blog and I'm in the process of developing this site to demonstrate any web applications I write.

See my LinkedIn profile or my CV on Stack Overflow for some more details of the companies I've worked for over the years and what roles I had in each.

If you want to contact me about some possible work please fill in the form below, and we can discuss requirements, rates and timescales.

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